My website is called This Moment Will Never Come Again, because it won’t: every moment is unique.  This was the title of my 2011 exhibition, which featured 365 daily images.   Each photograph was shot at the digital equivalent of approximately 1/125th of a second.  Added together, this represents 4.56 seconds of viewing: a full year captured in just under five seconds.

I choose to use an inexpensive compact camera, set on automatic, and I don’t crop, straighten or enhance my photographs.  This is the only way I’ve found to capture the immediacy of what interests me.

I try to be open to what is there already, which I might not notice without my camera.  To see and shoot without manipulation, to relinquish technical control, and to accept the accidental in the images which result.  This is what my work is about.


Susan Bittker, dailyshots